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The AOS is your guide to delivering

an intentional experience that

delivers ongoing, scalable value.

What is the Advice Optimization System (AOS)?

The AOS is a set of concepts and tools that empowers Financial Advisors to design and manage a memorable, scalable client experience.

The AOS is implemented over 2 stages that are fully customized to your firm’s specific needs and resources. This allows you to take what we create in stage 1 and have your team implement or retain AdviceGuide to help implement in stage 2.

Stage 1

Build your Unique Client Experience

Like building a financial plan, we need to deeply understand your objectives and existing business model to help optimize for value and growth.

Every engagement starts with our signature 1:1 workshop. We will collaborate through three sessions to dive into your objectives and service model to design your ideal client experience and develop a strategic action plan to improve your service model.

The AOS Workshop

Session 1:

Develop your Authentic Planning Style

Your Authentic Planning Style is the key to developing a Unique Client Experience. We’ll help you discover firm, client, and planning identities and align them to identify your ”secret sauce” and how that will influence your brand and service model.

Key Deliverable:

Planning Style Profile

Topics Covered:
Firm Identity
Client Identity
Planning Identity
Session 2:

Design your Unique Client Experience

Your Service Model Blueprint is our proprietary tool that allows you to explore your entire service model to develop an ongoing, scalable service model. We’ll help you create your blueprint and evaluate the cross-functional relationships between your client segments, planning services, and the systems required to run your practice.

Key Deliverable:

Service Model Blueprint

Topics Covered:
Client Journey
Service Calendar
Systems Overview
Session 3:

Establish your Strategic Action Plan

Using our methodical approach, we’ll layer in our experience and expertise to evaluate every aspect of your service model for opportunities to optimize your ongoing service model. Together, we will prioritize your actions and develop a delegation plan to transform your service model.

Key Deliverable:

Strategic Action Plan

Topics Covered:
Strategic Action Plan
Operating System
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Stage 2

Install your Unique Client Experience

Outsourced Director of Financial Planning

As advisors, we understand the challenges of managing your time across running a business, leading a cohesive team while serving clients, and managing relationships. It often seems like there is no time left for working on the business.

You don’t have to go at it alone.

We partner with your team to install systematic, proactive engagements to implement your strategic action plan and continuously manage and maintain your new service model.

Our ongoing service varies by advisor needs, but typically involves weekly calls to collaborate and drive action and quarterly workshops to manage your service model.

Strategic Engagements

Monitor and maintain your service model

Working Engagements

Implement your strategic initiatives

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Why implement the AOS?

Experience the benefits of streamlining your practice and optimizing your advice offering with AOS.

Memorable Experience

Every client will have a consistently amazing experience.

Stable Scalability

Your advisory will be able to scale without losing your touch.

Brand Alignment

Your brand will feel cohesive and engaging from start to finish.

Measurable Results

You will increase your client capacity, retention, and referrals.

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