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Our Story

Past Experience

Before launching AdviceGuide, I spent 13 years working with a diverse group of advisors and firms. I held client-advisory roles and operational leadership positions across several firms like UBS, Northwestern Mutual, and multiple RIAs.

After seeing the wide range of services that advisors deliver, I developed a passion for providing clients with clarity in a complex and convoluted industry. My goal was to put effective, objective advice in the hands of more families.

The Turning Point

2021 proved to be a pivotal moment in my career. I spent years developing skills, systems, and methods to deliver continuous, practical advice. Then came an opportunity to design and overhaul the ongoing service model for two rapidly growing RIAs. This opportunity allowed me to leverage the culmination of skills I learned over the years and develop a framework to innovate business models on a major scale.

Implementing landslide changes while serving clients and running a business proved challenging, but the work was hugely rewarding, and the impact was enormous.

A few things became clear to me.

  1. Most advisors need help working on the business. They need an efficient framework for making strategic decisions and taking action.
  2. My unique ability to bridge the gap between Planning and Operations proved vital to develop fully integrated systems.
  3. By helping advisors, my impact on the industry would grow exponentially. That was all the motivation I needed to start the AdviceGuide journey.
AdviceGuide Today

I created AdviceGuide to advance our industry and help advisors develop the necessary systems and skills to deliver continuous value to more clients. I wanted to create something fresh and unique. Something that helped them bring new ideas to life. Less “what”, more “how.”

In everything we do, we strive to uphold three core values:

1. Intentionality

Every service model is as unique as the involved clients and the advisors. No cookie-cutter approach here. Everything is made intentionally to reflect advisors’ principles, clients, and styles.

2. Scope

We’ve extended our expertise beyond the traditional consulting focus on people, processes, and technology. Although we value and advice on those areas, we’re committed to optimizing planning and advice solutions.

3. Implementation

We rely on the same principles that drive excellent financial planning - the best outcomes are driven by a continuous, proactive approach that encourages action. We strive to establish relationships beyond the typical strategic collaboration to become a trusted co-creator with each client.

Personal Life
About Tad Herrington

I live in Powell, OH, with my wife, Leah, and our two daughters, Marlow and Hadley. We love spending time outside and enjoying nature together when the Ohio weather permits. In my spare time, I enjoy staying active, sports, and all things automotive.

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